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"If You're always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing, you can be"

Maya Angelou

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My name is Dedric Cotton. I enjoy many activities, but at one time, I did not, due to depression and anxiety. I have also had my battle with addiction. It is a struggle each day to battle these mental disabilities. I have learned over the years, through trial and error as well as numerous medications and therapists. Dealing with these disabilities can be the biggest struggle in your life, but it does not have to define who you are.

I have always enjoyed listening to others and helping them figure out what they are going through and offering advice, based on the things I have been through or have seen others go through. I think that it is important that when getting advice, the best person is someone that has either gone through it or has been affected by the situation. I have found out through numerous therapy sessions, that the best medicine is talking to a professional, but the professional cannot fix the issue alone. The individual has to work with the therapist, in order to have success.

Dedric C. Cotton

Owner / Certified Life Coach

I decided to become a life coach because we all need a little push to help us reach our goals or just to be better people than we were yesterday. As your Life Coach, I can help you tackle any obstacle that is in your way and keep you from being the best you that you strive for. I will give you the tools needed and tailored just for you. We will work together as a team. You are the MVP, and I am the coach pushing you as far as you want to go. I will be your coach, but also your biggest fan. I want you to succeed with all your goals.

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